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PERSONAL DAYS (revised 11/30/11)
Occasionally I may find it necessary to take a personal day off for training, workshops or family reasons. These days are not part of my vacation time.  No more than 5 personal days will be taken per calendar year. Payment is to be made for these days and there will be no discount. Parent's are responsible for back up daycare.
Occasionally you may wish to send someone other than yourself to drop off or pick up your child for the day.  Besure to notify any persons doing so of the drop off/pick up time procedure.  Always notify me should there be someone other than you dropping off or picking up for the day. 

I will not under any circumstance release your child into the custody of anyone other than his or her parent or legal guardian, as indicated by the signatures on the contract.  If you wish to have anyone else pick up your child, you will need to provide a signed consent form in advance, listing the dates on which the person may pick up your child.

In the event of an emergency, I will attempt to contact you and/or your spouse, or the child's other legal guardian, or other adult listed on your application for approval.  In any case, if I am not familiar with the person, I will require a valid photo ID card from an authorized government agency (such as a drivers license) as proof of identification before I will release the child into their custody.  The individual will also need to give me your 4-digit security code.

Anyone picking up a child must have an appropriate car seat in their vehicle or I will refuse to release the child in their care.  I simply cannot in good conscience allow a child to travel without a proper safety restraint.

Also, if your family is experiencing a divorce or other legal situations which would effect who is allowed to pick up your child, please let me know immediately.  You will also need to provide court orders or other proper legal documents indicating who is no longer alowed custody of your child.  Unless these papers are provided, I will have no choice but to release your child into the custody of anyone currently on your list. 

   ~ Communicaton: Though I am very open to any questions or
       concerns you may have about your child, drop-off and pick-up
       times are generally not the best times to discuss these concerns in
       depth.  Instead, please feel free to phone me during naptimes or in
       the evenings when I am able to give you my undivided attention.
   ~ Boundaries: This is also a time of testing when two different  
       authority  figures are present (the parent ahe provider).  All the
       children will test to see if the rules still apply.  During departures, I
       expect parents to back up my rules (Please preview
House Rules).
       If you do not, I will remind the child that their behavior is
       inappropriate and take action to correct if needed.
~ Safety: Please be in control of your child during pick up times.
       At pick up, please do not let your child leave the house until you
       are leaving.  Children are not permitted to go out to their car
The decision of when to assist your child in potty training is a personal one, and should be made based on your child's signs of emotional and physical readiness.  I will be happy to offer you verbal assistance and can recommend several good books on the subject.  However, please do not request that I begin training your child until he/she has experience prolonged toileting success in your own home.

Your child will need to remain in diapers or "Pull-Ups" during daycare hours until he/she has shown the ability to remain accident-free in your home for a period of at least two weeks.  This is for several reasons: children often appear to be trained in a (
calmer, quieter) home situation, but are not yet able to "listen" to their body's signals when presented with the distractions of a group care environment.  Asking me to allow your child to go without diapers before he or she is truly ready would cause unnecessary stress on your child, myself, and my home.
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