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These rules are set up to provide children with guidelines for expected behavior.  These guidelines are to not only teach children respect for themselves, but also for others.  Our goal is to teach children to develop their own set of internal controls thus enabling them to control and guide their own behavior.  We will always talk to the child about why their behavior is not acceptable, and when appropriate, redirection and distraction will be done first.  Second, we will give time outs for serious or repeated inappropriate behavior.  A time out is used more as a calming down period for both the child and the provider than a punishment.  We will also strive to use the terms nice/not nice instead of bad or good.  This is to address the problem and not the child.  Our goal is to help you raise healthy and productive children.

   1.    No hitting, biting, pushing or fighting.
   2.    No throwing things in the house.
   3.    Have respect for others and their belongings.
   4.    No walking around the house or yard with juice or food. 
          We must sit down or be in a high chair.
   5.    Nap Time is quiet time.  You do not have to sleep but you
          do have to respect others and their wish to sleep.
   6.    During Nap Time, children must stay "laying down" and be
          quiet in their assigned space.
   7.    No removing by children of their clothing or diapers without
          permission by an adult.
   8.    Be nice.
   9.    No screaming or loud noises when adults are on the
   10.  We must share all daycare toys.
   11.  No use of art supplies or learning time equipment without
          the supervision of an adult.
   12.  No standing or jumping on furniture.
   13.  Do not go outside without an adult with you.
   14.  Answer by stating "Yes Maam" or "No Maam", "No Sir" or
          "Yes Sir".
   15.  No running in the house. 
   16.  No willfull damaging of property.  (Other than normal wear and
          tear of property or toys), you are responsible for damages by
          your child, such as broken windows etc.
Infants are accepted at the age of 6 weeks old.  We provide a nurturing environment that keeps babies warm, safe and happy.  Each infant is provided his/her own space for sleep and play.  We encourage them to be active every day, to explore the world around them and to interact with others through singing, story time and exercise.  Age appropriate toys are provided to encourage reaching, grasping and standing.  A special designed play area is provided that helps babies stay safe while growing strong and having fun.  We also introduce them to activities that stimulate brain development that prepare them for talking and help them gain the motor skills they need to learn in the coming years.
Infant's will always be fed according to their own schedule.  They will always be held during their meal times and bottles will never be "propped."

All formula will be mixed according to manufacturer's directions, labeled with the child's name, dated and refrigerated as needed. Any leftover formula, milk, juices or baby food will be discarded.  For this reason, you may wish to provide me with a full can of formula so that I may prepare bottles as needed, or bring extra bottles of prepared formula.

When a child reaches 12 months of age or when it becomes developmentally appropriate, a sip cup will be introduced and bottles should be left at home after the child has successfully learned to use the cup.
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