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Parent conferences will be scheduled periodically with the parent(s) and/or guardian(s).  This will allow you to meet with me in a relaxed environment without the distractions of other children and parents, to discuss things such as your child devlopment, discipline strategies, and needs.  I would also welcome your feedback on my effectiveness as an educator and care provider, as well as other issues and concerns that may arise.  By keeping the lines of communication open, I hope to foster a more stable and enjoyable working relationship with the families I serve. 
When dressing your child for the day, please keep in mind that we do many "messy" activities such as painting, playing outdoors, and use of many "messy" things such as glue, markers, food, (all used in safe play!)  Please do not dress your child in clothes you would not like to be soiled.  Though I try my best to keep the children's clothes free of the above, sometimes I lose this battle.

I feel children need fresh air daily and with weather permitting we play outside at least once a day.  In warmer weather we frequent the outdoors more often (twice daily).  Please dress your child in appropriate clothing such as coat and head dress in the winter, and lighter clothing in the summer.  Please refrain from dressing your child in sandals, as they tend to hinder their running abilities and cause them to fall.  Tennis shoes are more sensible for outdoor play. 
I do occasionally accept children for drop- in care if I have a space available on any given day.  Therefore if you tell me that you will not be bringing your child, there is a chance I will fill your spot for that day and you could potentially lose your day if I do so.  Because of this I do require that you give me a minimum of 48 hours notice if you change your mind and want or need to bring your child to care after all on your day.  You are still responsible for paying all fees for your contracted days whether your child come to care or not.  I do not accept drop-in solely for the purpose of earning a little extra income, rather I do it as a service to all my parents, which may include you if you would ever need or want day care on an unscheduled day.  Your 48 hour notice is not only put into place because I may schedule a drop-in on your day, but this will give me time to adjust my menus and activities accordingly. Drop in service is available at the rate of $30.00 per day or $10.00 per hour.  Three (3) days of drop-in service will constitute a week and the weekly rate is expected to be paid at that time.
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