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At D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play Daycare I try to stress two main patterns of behavior:  respect for other people and respect for property.  As a result I do not allow hitting, pushing, biting, kicking or pinching other children.  Obscene language is not allowed.  I also stress that they treat material possessions (both mine and theirs) with respect.

To reinforce these behaviors I use the following procedures.  Rules are first explained, then followed up with plenty of reminders and lots of positive reinforcement.  For children age 3 and older, redirection and "time-out" are the only methods of discipline used when it is necessary. In a time out situation the child will be separated from the group.  There is no "time-out chair" in my home as I feel it is humiliating to a child to be sent to the "bad" chair.  The child will sit in an appropriate place for 1 minute per year of age, not to exceed 5 minutes.  When "time-out" is up, I will talk to the child and try to explain why that behavior was inappropriate.  The child is encouraged to give the offended party an apology and assist in "fixing" whatever went wrong, to the best of their ability.

Dangerous and hurtful offenses include hitting, biting, kicking, pushing, hair pulling, throwing objects at someone, climbing on an inappropriate structure, willful destruction of property, tantrum throwing, and not following reasonable request.  These relatively minor offenses will be handled as described above, depending on the child's age and developmental stage.

Children under the age of 3 years will not be given "time-out" and will be corrected with redirection.

If something of a more serious nature or a persistent behavior should occur that is of concern to me, I will need to discuss it with you so that we can jointly decide on a course of action that is followed at home and in my care.  If the problem can not be resolved, arrangements must be made for the child to receive care elsewhere.

At D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play Childcare, we will observe special  days with activities, treats.You are welcome to bring treats, decorations, games, etc. to help celebrate as long as there is enough for everyone.  Please discuss this with me in advance so we can plan accordingly.
Texas law requires caregivers to report suspected child abuse or neglect to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services or law enforcement (Abuse/Neglect Hotline 1-800-252-5400).

Unfortunately, this is a topic that must be addressed in today's society.  It should go without saying that I will not knowingly allow any form of sexual, physical, or emotional abuse of any child in my care at any time.  This includes the time that the child is in their own home.  On the surface, this may sound like an invasion of privacy, but I cannot ethically turn a blind eye toward such abuse.

I have been trained in the recognition of all forms of child abuse, and will do everything in my power to prevent any instances from occuring.  If I notice any signs of abuse at any time, I will alert the child's parent(s) immediately both verbally and in writing, along with a full description of the symptoms, (bruising, sores, sudden extreme behavioral changes, etc.)  I will document this same information for myself, and if necessary, alert the proper authorities after first attempting to handle the situation discretely.

You may get notes about your child having bruises and scrapes without needing to fear that I suspect you of abusing your child.  Be assured, if I think your child has been abused, I will let you know!  The notes I send home are just to alert you in general of instances that may come up, and also to protect myself from mistaken accusations of abuse.

I would prefer not to have to deal with this issue, but I think it is best that we handle it openly and honestly to avoid any possible misunderstandings.  We both want what is best for our children.  Please feel free to discuss this or any other issues with me at any time.
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