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Parents or guardians are welcome to drop by unannounced at any time during the hours their children are in care.  Please be aware, however, that children often do not really benefit from these visits.  Many children will cry or act "clingy" during pick-up and drop-off times, but will quickly adjust and start playing happily once Mom or Dad are out of sight.  Having such irregular additional visits often serves only to interrupt the child's comfortable routine, and can lead to increased distress during regular transition times.

Since I am frequently very busy attending to the children's needs, it may be difficult for me to answer the phone during regular care hours.  I do have voice mail and will check it periodically for messages.  Please limit phone calls to your children while they are in my care since, like unannounced visits, these calls can disrupt your child's routine and lead to increased stress for everyone involved, especially your child.

Please feel free to discuss your concerns about being able to visit and/or view your child during care hours.
At no time will I allow any weapons or firearms of any kind in my home.  This includes, but is not limited to:  guns, knives, pocket-knives, swords, stun-guns, pepper spray, mace, num-chucks or other martial arts accessories, lassos or hand-cuffs, smoke bombs, etc.  This policy also includes all toy guns and other toy weapons such as plastic swords. 
If your child is found to have a gun, any weapon, or dangerous substance in his or her possession while in my home, you will receive an immediate call from me informing you that you need to pick up your child immediately.  I will require written assurance from you that your child will not ever bring any guns or other weapons to my home before I will be able to accept your child for care again.  If this is not provided, the terms of this contract will be voided immediately, and you forfeit any and all deposits.

If your child arrives with an inappropriate toy, it will be stored in their drawer until the end of the day, and returned with a note asking you not to send it with your child in the future.  Toy guns and swords may be fine for pretend play at home, but they are not suitable for a group care environment.
D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play will be closed on the days in which the Grand Prairie ISD is closed due to inclement weather. In the case of a delayed opening of the Grand Prairie ISD due to inclement weather, the delayed opening will also apply to the daycare.

If your tuition is due on a day in which the daycare is closed due to inclement weather, your late payment fee will be waived for that day or days of the closing.
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