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The first 14 calendar days from a child's start date will be a trial period for the child, parents and provider.  During this period, either the parent or provider may terminate care without notice.  Any and/or all final two weeks deposit will be refunded.  The $35.00 registration fee and $50.00 supply fee are non-refundable.  After the 14 day trial period has passed, a two week notice in writing is required from either party for proper termination.
Though D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play does not increase tuition costs on an annual basis, I reserve the right to do so with a minimum of 30 days notice to families enrolled at the daycare.  All fees, rates and tuition are subject to change. Tuition is due Monday prior to leaving your for the day.  This fee reserves a space for your child and must be paid even if
your child misses a day or more.                         
Provider's - Each calendar year D'Andrea's Friends will be closed
10 days not including the weekends for provider's vacation. This also does not include major holidays that the daycare is closed. In most instances the two weeks will be taken separately, however, I reserve the right to take vacations consecutively.  Parent's will be given as much advance notice as possible, with a minimum of one month's notice when I plan my vacations.  Parent's are responsible for making other arrangements for childcare while I am on vacation.  No payment is required for the provider's vacation when a full week is taken at a time.  Payment
is required when a full week is not taken.

Parent's - Please notify me at least two weeks in advance if your child will be absent due to family vacation.  This will help me so that I may be able to adjust our schedule if needed.  Full payment is required for any days your child is absent.  Remember, you are paying for your child's "slot". Non-payment is considered as abandonment of your "slot" and your child will be withdrawn effective the third day of scheduled childcare.  Any and all portions of last two weeks deposited is forfeited.
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