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After the trial period, our contract may be terminated at any time for any reason, by either party with proper notice.  According to the contract, proper notice will consist of written or verbal notice to the provider not less than two weeks prior to the child's last day of care.  If this notice is given, the final two weeks payment deposit will be credited to your account.  If less than the full final two weeks deposit has been made, parent will be responsible for the difference equal to the two weeks fees.  If less than two weeks written notice is given, no refund or portion of deposit will be made. If you choose to terminate care with less than proper notice, you agree to forfeit the entire deposit.

If the event that I should ever find it necessary to end our agreement, I also will give the parent at least two weeks written notice, except for reasons such as, but not limited to:  destructive, uncontrollable or violent behaviors, habitual lateness in pick up of child(ren), lateness of payment or nonpayment.  These situation will be grounds for immediate termination.  If at any time, after consultation with the parent or guardian, I feel that you or your child pose a safety risk to myself or any of the children in my care, I will give you as much written notice as possible that care is terminated.  This action will be reserved for extreme cases only, and I will first attempt to resolve any issues with you before resorting to termination of care.  In the case of immediate termination, any deposit or portion of will not be refunded.  If it becomes necessary for me to resort to legal action to collect fees, the parent(s) will be responsible for any and all legal fees incurred by D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play,

D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play furnishes a wide variety of appropriate aged playthings.  I ask that no toys be brought to daycare from home.  Anything brought will be put up safely until the child is picked up.  This policy is for the concern of all children in my care.  One of the behaviors I encourage is respect for others. This includes sharing.  Often times children have a hard time sharing the toys they bring with them from home.  Also, since children share toys anything from home would have the potential to be damaged or misplaced.  The only exceptions to this policy are:
   *  A special lovey to be used at rest time.  This will be put up  and only
       used at the appropriate time.
   *  Show and Tell.  At times we will have a "show and tell" period.  I
       will inform you ahead of time when this will occur. 
Transition times can be stressful for some children.  In the morning they may not want to say goodbye to you and at pick up time they may not want to go because they are involved with a fun activity.  This is a natural occurrence and may vary with your child's age and developmental stage.

To ease the situation I encourage parents to take a minute to help their child feel comfortable and to adjust by offering positive statements.  A parent who shows reluctance to depart only make the transition harder for their child.  Although parents should never sneak out without saying "good-bye" to their child, a brief good-bye usually works best.  Crying will usually stop a few minutes after you depart.

Whether you plan to stay for a while during transition times or you prefer to keep transition times short, it is important that you establish a consistent routine and stick with it. 

If your child misbehaves during transition times, please correct their behavior.  My
house rules apply from the time they walk in until the time they walk out.  This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (parent and provider), and this situation will be tested at one time or another to see if the rules still apply.  I will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are being displayed.  Please be prepared to back me up.  If your rules or desire are being tested, I am ready to back you up as well.

Children of all ages adjust to transitions differently.  Most do not like to be rushed, or to wait too long once they are ready to depart.  This is especially true during the colder months, when children may get uncomfortably warm once dressed in a coat, gloves and hat.

When leaving, please
DO NOT ALLOW CHILDREN TO RUN OUT TO YOUR CAR WHILE YOU ARE STILL INSIDE! Our safety rule is "No one outside without a parent or guardian with them."  There may be other cars on the street and a serious incident could occur.
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