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D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play Daycare serves children ages 6 weeks through 12 years old.   No child will be denied admission on the basis of his/her race or religion.  I do retain the right to deny admission if all my slots for a particular child's age group are filled.  Children with special needs will not be denied admission.

Each child must have a completed enrollment packet on file prior to first day of care.  All forms required by State and City regulatory authorities will be given to parent at time of enrollment. 

Photos of all authorized persons who will pick up your child, including parents, grandparetns, aunts, uncles, siblings, friends, etc, are to be kept on file.  These persons must be 18 years and older. 

A four digit security code is to be on file for each family.  No information pertaining to the child will be given to unauthorized persons without the security code.

Current immunization records for each preschool child must be on file.  If immunization has been deferred for medical reasons, a physician's statement must be on file.

Drop off and pick up times can be stressful for some children.  Parents are required to bring their child(ren) to the door each morning and help their child(ren) get settled.  In the morning they may not want to say good-bye to you and at pick up they may not want to go because they are involved with a fun activity.  This is a natural occurrence.  To ease the situation I'd like to encourage the parent to take a minute to help the child feel comfortable and to adjust by offering positive statements.  A parent who shows reluctance to depart only makes the transition harder for their child.  The parent should never sneak out without saying "good-bye" to their child.  A brief good-bye works best.  Crying will usually stop a few minutes after the parent departs.  It is important that you establish a consistent routine and stick with it.

If your child misbehaves during these times, please correct their behavior.  My house rules apply from the time they walk in until  the time they walk out.  This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present (parent and provider), and this situation will be tested at one time or another to see if the rules still apply.  I will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are being displayed.  Please be prepared to back me up.  If your rules are desires are being tested, I am ready to back you up.

Children of all ages adjust to transitions differently.  Most do not like to be rushed, or to wait too long once they are ready to depart.

When leaving, please 

Our safety rule is "No one outside without their parent (or guardian) with them." There are other cars that may be coming and going and a serious incident could occur.
I follow the State of Texas regulations for a Family Daycare Home, which limit the total enrollment from one to twelve children cared for in my home at the same time.  The maxiumum number is decreased, depending on the age of the child(ren).

I believe that children receive the best possible care when these guidelines are followed.  I will do my best to avoid caring for more than two infants (under the age of 18 months) at any time.  When it comes to filling vacancies or increasing the number of children I care for (up to the maximum of 12) I will always give preferential consideration to the families I currently serve.  I would certainly welcome the opportunity to care for new siblings as they arrive!

From time to time, in order to accommodate the families I serve, it may be necessary to accept one or two extra children for a day or two, such as in the case of a public school closing due to weather conditions.  On these days, I reserve the right to accept other children for temporary care at an additional fee.  I will notifiy all parents in advance of such days, so that you can decide if you wish to keep your child in daycare on that day. Be assured that I will never accept more chiildren for care than I believe would be safe and in the best interest of all families I serve.  I anticipate that this will be a rare event and not a routine situation.
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