~ Your Child Deserves The Best ~

Children are our greatest asset, and they deserve the best possible start on a lifetime of learning.

Childhood is a brief moment in time, and the innocence and joy of a child's early years should be honored.  At D' Andrea's Friends ~N~ Play, the foundation of a child's  sense of self-worth is 
D'Andrea's Friends -N- Play
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honored and is built upon with caring and kindness.  Children will experience nothing less while entrusted to our care.

Every child is unique and valuable, and each child's thoughts, interests, skills, needs, and potential deserve our care and attention.

Children are vulnerable.  We are dedicated to providing a warm and nurturing environment that shelters them from risk to their social, emotional, or physical well-being. Respect for children must define our actions and our attitudes, and at D' Andrea's Friends -N- Play this will  never be compromised.
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"Our children are the most important part of our future."
"The foundation of a child's sense of self-worth is built with caring and kindness..."
D'Andrea's Friends ~N~ Play
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